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Twelve Leagues

"When we first arrived we were men condemned to death in the Exiled Lands. Left to hang on a cross, stripped of all we had. Most died in agony. Burnt and cooked by the sun and desert. Thirst and hunger drove us forward. Some turned on their brothers for sustenance. We put them down like beasts.

The journey felt endless. The cliffs in the horizon ever distant. We pushed on as the blistering sand burned our feet. The weak were left behind. Everyone was to carry their own weight, nothing more. The few left made it to the cliffs. Gnawing on roots of the pitiful plants that grew at the feet of those stones. Consumed what little moisture they held. We would not die like our brothers had.

Beyond the cliffs we found a river. A lush land with water, game and shelter. There we met encountered the other exiles. They sought what little we had scavenged. We took everything from them. Many were after the bounty of the riverland. Where we went, exiles had built huts and camps. Clans had been formed. The resources were contested. We refused to fight over mere scraps left by others. So we continued north.

The desolate lands north were rife with beasts. We cut through them with weapons made of stone and sticks, held together with strings. Primitive tools that we soon replaced with old iron, plundered from the forgotten ruins and temples. A reminder of our lives before the exile. The rust was broken off the iron as we carved our way further north. We sought to escape these blasted lands. Yet as we pushed on we found barriers blocking the way, fueled by foul sorcery.

Now we wander these lands. Doing what we need to survive. We trade. We raid. We thrive."

-Cul of the Twelve Leagues

Twelve Leagues is a group formed out of the remnants of a pirate crew that was sentenced to the Exiled Lands. Our focus is on our own survival and prosperity. We partake in all fields of RP available, from warring to diplomacy to combining forces to take down especially fierce beasts. We value strength, but not solely the physical kind. We use our wits, skills and determination to survive as much as our sword arms. Most will consider us without honour as we do not balk from using whatever means we find most suitable to achieve our goals. The survival of our brothers is honour enough.

Those hoping to join the Twelve Leagues will face trials where their worthiness is tested. Tasks are given that must be achieved. If nothing else, this will propel you on a quest or two across the Exiled Lands. At the end of it, a seat at our table will be offered. This should provide ample roleplaying opportunities and those who wish for a challenge both in game itself as well as in roleplay should find plenty of that with us.

For further information, feel free to harass Mursusquad (Cul in game) on Discord.
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