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Welcome, traveler, to the City of Uresh!

Here you will find no great halls where songs of mighty deeds are sung. You will find no palatial estates where high lords and ladies hold court over fawning crowds. There are no grand balls where the well to do are there to be seen in their finery.

The streets of Uresh are small and maze-like, occasionally opening up into small plazas where merchants and passers-by gather. Where the smoke hangs low in the air and where its residents live in cramped apartments unprotected by thick walls. And where anything is possible.

So, come! Come to the City of Uresh! Come, bring your friends! Come, bring your ambitions! And most importantly... Come, bring your money! For all are welcome in the City of Uresh!

New OOC Information

In light of the rules changes to the server, City of Uresh is recruiting more actively now. I am including this brief OOC clan summary up front to make it easier for potential new members to see. If this looks good to you please read the full post:

  • Members of the clan will be provided with a residence in the city. We will assist you in upgrading or modifying an existing space to T2 for your use.
  • Members are free to build and expand the city but must follow the building guidelines below in the main post.
  • Members will be expected to eventually dismantle any pre-existing homes or bases after joining the city.
  • Members are free agents and can do as they wish in the exiled lands. We are not a rigid heiarchy or unified political entity.
  • Members have access to equipment and resources difficult to obtain on your own.
  • Members are expected to contribute resources to the city. There is plenty of stone and iron nearby. Even just 3-5 minutes of harvesting goes a long way.

Clan Roster

Oligarchs of Uresh (Characters who are part of the clan.)
  • Ahnare
  • Eshkel
  • Merulu
  • Vastet
  • Zaraseret

What is the City of Uresh?
The City of Uresh is a clan dedicated to developing an urban style of role-play within Conan Exiles. The urban environment features prominently in many of Howard's Conan stories as sinister places of corruption and decadence. This clan is focused on developing an environment in game where those activities make sense. The City of Uresh is consciously designed to take advantage of many of the upcoming features such as roads and npc activity cycles that are planned to be released this year for CE. Members will be actively engaged in taking advantage of those systems to create a city in the spirit of Conan.

Who would enjoy joining the City?
This clan is most appropriate for those players who are attracted to the style of play described above. Below is a list of characteristics sought in a member of the City. If this does not sound appealing, please do not apply. You might be happier elsewhere as there are many clans already on the server providing a variety of play styles.

  • Adheres to the server rules at all times. Respects the admins and their fellow players for the mutual enjoyment of all.
  • Is 18+ years of age and demonstrates maturity in their OOC interactions.
  • Is not bothered by the potential loss of built assets. The city has no walls and will never have walls to allow non members to freely wander its streets and use the city as an RP environment. While it is the city's desire to remain a neutral trade hub, wars and raids according to the rules of the server may occur. If so, the city stands to lose a lot of its structures. Members must be OK with that.
  • Adheres to the simple building guidelines noted below.

Building Guidelines
    These guidelines are meant to help make sure that the city develops the proper feel for the RP style being supported. The most important thing is that the mood of the city feels right so slight deviations from these guidelines are OK if they contribute to the overall feel of a cramp and squalid desert city.
  • All members are free to build and expand the city at their discretion using these guidelines. Any construction that does not follow the guidelines will be modified to keep the feel of the city.
  • Streets should be one tile wide and not provide a direct through route across the city. The city should feel cramped and maze like.
  • Buildings should be limited to a 4-8 tile floor space and no more than 3 floors high. Some exceptions can be made for certain "civic" buildings.
  • Most buildings, if multi-story, should have independent outside access. These are apartments, not manors.
  • Members' homes should adhere to these principles but can be multi-floor units with interior access. Again, think town-home, not palace or keep.
  • Most construction should be done in sandstone with some admixture of stone brick permitted, especially for member homes and other important buildings.
  • Members will put a wall sign with their character's name on it near the front door of their home. Other members will respect that this is a member's home and will not enter without permission, disturb the interior layout, or take any of the possessions found within. All assets found outside of a player home are free for use by all city members.
  • There are a number of nearby iron and coal nodes. Do not build over them or cut them off from other players.
  • The city is located near the Red Sands Arena at a natural cross-roads. Do not obstruct these passages as we want people to wander by on their way from one place to the next.
  • NO GUARD THRALLS left out and about that could harass travelers. Whereas other clans are organized around the concept of being paranoid and secluded isolationists, the City of Uresh is meant to be an open city accessible by all.

Who are you?
As a member of the clan, you will play the role of one of the city's oligarchs. The oligarchs rule the city while they pursue their own private agendas. The City of Uresh is led by the First Among Equals. After that, the organization is pretty flat. As an oligarch you are encouraged to pursue your own agenda in the exiled lands, contribute to the building of the city by building and gathering resources, and playing the role of a merchant prince.

Come to Uresh!
If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me by private message either here on the forum, or on Discord at TikaTheHungry (Eshkel), or in-game as Eshkel. I hope to see you there.

First Among Equals
City of Uresh
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Here are some screenshots to give a feel for the city as it is now to give a better sense for how the building guidelines actually work out. These are better images than what I posted before. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what I am trying to do and interest you in joining me to expand this.

We are here:

Here is an overview of the city:

These images give a sense of the tight maze-like construction:

A system of roof-walks allow the privileged to navigate the city while avoiding the squalid streets below:

Uresh has religion! The Plaza of Set has emerged to become a prominent feature of the city:

The city is dynamic. Where once there was a shrine to Mitra, now only an empty temple remains, the consequences of a god's failure to protect the city from a horde of undead:

If your faction would like a RP presence in the city, let me know. We will find a modest space for you such as the Amazonian Embassy or the Red Legion recruiting station:

The city provides public fountains and wells. Even if you are only passing by, feel free to stop and refresh yourself:

The craftsmen district houses the city's skilled workers. Watch these artisans hard at work while you wander its alleys:

Various market plazas are available for merchants to ply their trade:

Here is an example of how an oligarch marks their home so that members respect each other's privacy:

Even the First Among Equals lives in cramped quarters as befits the resident of such a city. Even so, his home is but of sturdier materials and is pleasantly comfortable:

There you have it. The city is growing every day. If you like what you see, please consider joining. Together we can make a vibrant and bustling city that other players will find engaging.

Come to Uresh! The city awaits.

Thank you.

First Among Equals
City of Uresh
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Amazons approve, endorse and will be visiting soon!

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Cool idea! *coughs*

No, really...very cool!πŸ‘
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I will freely admit to one and all that I found your thread extremely inspirational. πŸ˜€

I know Cromheim is doing some similar concerning town life but with a different feel. They are near by so hopefully with them, Uresh, and the arena there can be something happening at that part of the map on an almost continual basis.
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@Skara That image reminds me that more than once while building in the city, I turned the corner to find myself face to face with a hyena. πŸ˜€
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Nice :) Cant wait to pay it a visit.
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Very cool, I will have to drop by.
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This is just an incredibly cool concept! I love it! Will you be holdign some tavern nights and/or possibly a bazaar? I can see this being a popular trade spot if there's an area for a souk.
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The City of Uresh is my new home. It is a great place to live! Thank you Eshkel for accepting me within your ranks!
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@Alexandria: A bazaar event is definitely in the works. I just need to find a good time. I am glad that you mentioned a souk. I was inspired for the layout of the city in large part by the souk in Jeddah during my travels there. I will be sure to post on the forums when the event is closer.
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@Merulu: Glad to have you. I am happy that you are enjoying it.
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I visited this yesterday, and although it was quiet (in the wee hours of the morning) it was still very immersive. I love the winding alleys, and little shops/awnings. Looking forward to shopping here!
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@Adira: And we look forward to your custom. πŸ™‚
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I had a quick look around the city earlier on my travels and I have to say, I truly liked what I saw. As RP hubs go, this one looks perfect for the setting. In fact reading up on the clan side of things, I can forsee my lot having a good use for a city such as this, assuming you have traders that are willing to trade with unsavoury characters such as thieves? If so, I warn you upfront, the negotiations might be a tad awkward and drawn out to ensure we get the right price for our goods. ;)

Joking aside, I take it you're on the Discord channel Tika? If so, I'll try and arrange a business opportunity/meeting with you and your clan if that's alright with you? :)
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@Lord Boldo: Sure. The clan is starting to grow and I lean more toward members pursuing their own agendas while being part of the ruling elite of the city. Even if Eshkel is not interested (though he could be depending on the specifics), one of the other oligarchs might be more amenable. It would be best to approach us as individuals rather than as a collective group.

I am TikaTheHungry (Eshkel) on Discord. Get in touch and let me know what you had in mind.
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Will do mate and I'll keep that in mind, cheers. Is there a specific member/trader that specializes in gems or precious minerals? Because as you can imagine as prospectors we'll be looking to offload a large quantity of what we mine to nearby traders. It'll probably be a mixture of actual in game goods (which we'll give away completely for free in exchange for RP, so win win there!), the opaque gems and obsidian that we're searching for in the "Black Rocks" where we're based, and other artifacts that we may find through otherwise nefarious means. I understand you're not a trading clan as such, but it'll definitely be a great place to barter at by the sounds of things.
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I didn't realize it, but the spot I chose for my new Four Winds Crafthall is only about 30 seconds from you guys!

If possible, I'd like to figure out a way to combine our efforts, as it makes total sense for a crafting guild to set up shop near an urban area - in fact, I can see Kubilai (who lived in a city before his exile) actually using the city proper as his living quarters and "commuting" to work every day at the Hall. :)

Any ideas on how we can accomplish this, given the limited way that clans currently work? Maybe I'll have to join your clan (to be able to interact with things in the city), and then set up the Crafthall as an independent entity somehow... I'mopen to whatever you can come up with, so let me know...

FYI, here's my guild write-up: I'm also a smith IC, so if you're looking for someone to set up a formal blacksmithing store/shop I'd be all over that, provided I can also run the nearby Crafthall (assuming anyone is interested in joining, of course...)

Great concept!



- Kubilai the Hyrkanian (Owner of the Four Winds Crafthall)
- Zephyra the Huntress (Cimmerian wanderer and leatherworker, currently allied with the Amazons)
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Modified the original post to include an upfront OOC clan summary for the benefit of new BoA members who may be looking for a clan to join.
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Your OOC info is great... I will be adding something similar once the Ludus is flushed out and ready to roll.