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Hundreds of years ago, the Edomites comprised part of the Acheronian empire, ruling from their mighty city Yb, until the city was struck down by Volanthis for the Edomites’ pride. All believed them destroyed.

But in recent years, rumors once again abounded of a ruddy red-haired people from the north who carved the very cliffs into dwellings. Isolated and Isolationist, the new Edomites adopted the traditions of tribes--male-dominated, magic-wary and unfriendly to strangers.

A young female warrior Sonjawyn and her sister Talonia opposed the tribal chiefs and for that earned exile. They now wander the wastes, seeking new cliffs to call home, and looking for the red-headed fair skinned folk who share their heritage...

... the BLOOD OF EDOM.

The Blood of Edom seeks to re-establish the lost tribe of "Edomites", basing the clan on a few obscure reference in Howard's lore.

Our main goal is to establish a clan land area which can once again be labeled as Edom. As such, we have settled lands on the east river which we feel suits our goals for a home. As we play, our clan's core motivation is to rebuild the Edomites by adding both players and NPCs to our settlement, eventually rebuilding not just a fortress base, but a small thrall city of "restored" Edomite exiles.

As referenced in the introduction above, Edomites in Howard's lore were a city-state of old Acheron destroyed by Volanthis hundreds of years prior. Building from there, and taking some queues of the Edomite people mentioned in the Bible, we see current-day Hyborian Edomites as almost any red-headed person in the realm. Given that the city was dispersed long ago, the Edomites as a bloodline intermixed and intermingled with many other tribes and peoples. But generally, for our clan at least, if you have hair that is (or is nearing) red colored, you are either Edomite or have Edomite heritage in your bloodline.

There are a few exceptions of those who have been included in the clan or grafted into the clan who are not red-headed, but these should generally be thought of as exceptions, rather than the rule.

Good question! As mentioned above, there are a few In-Character goals that drive our activites.

  1. Re-build a land to call our own.This includes a protected fortress for safety (we've been oppressed and scattered for too long!) as well as a village where we hope to continue to display a thriving small city, especially as new features for thrall and city life emerge.
  2. Rescue and "Restore" red-headed thrall to our clan. We view all NPC thrall as Edomites, and will attempt to grow our NPC population from red-heads as often as is possible. We will also pursue trading other clans for red-headed thrall in order to our people. We would also like to use this as eventual fuel for RP-based conflict, with proper intersting escalation to those moments.
  3. Seek a place in the surrounding lands to secure that our tribe is not assaulted or scattered again. Generally, this means roaming throughout the exiled lands getting to know other people or clans and, where possible, striking alliances or agreements with them.

We have about five spots open in our growing clan, and will happily consider new additions.

Here's some thoughts:
  1. We want dedicated, talented RPers. If you are not, cool. I still love you. But this is probably not the clan for you.
  2. Look at your character's hair. Is it red or reddish?. If not, consider another clan. While we have and will make some exceptions to this rule, this is the spirit of the group we are trying to create. We have only a few visual tools to tell our story in-game, and this is one of the most compelling.
  3. Contact Sonjawyn.. Either IC in-game (which is preferable and awesome!) or through Discord or these forums. There's not a form to fill out. I need to get to know you, and then we'll see if you are a good fit.

Hope to see you soon, either as a potential clan-mate, an ally, or a cherished enemy!
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