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The Order of Adessia
Conan Exiles Clan (Bones of Acheron)
Adessia Website

"Strength lies in unity"

Clan Theme: Aquilonian Knights / Settlers
Culture: Aquilonian (Poitainian)
Primary God: Mitra
Location: New Adessia (south-west, where the main river goes up north)
Play Times: European (GMT 0/+1)
Leader: Acastides Castinus (Lord-Marshal)
Officers: Nicadius
Recruitment Status: Active!

The Order of Adessia arose from the Kingdom of Aquilonia, hailing from the province of Poitain as an order of knights, where they served the Baron of Adessia, who owned a small tract of land. In recent times, the Order was led by its marshal, Acastides, the son of a noble in servitude to the Baron of Adessia. Things seemed peaceful until the order, along with Baron Octaeus, visited another Aquilonian noble in a celebration feast. During the feast, the Aquilonian noble turned to betray Baron Octaeus, swiftly killing him, while the Order was poisoned through wines that put them to sleep. When they awoke, they found themselves stranded in a new mysterious land, and trying to leave it, many of themselves died trying to pass beyond what became known as “the Death Wall”. Stuck in the Exiled Lands, the Order decided to march on and find a land to settle. Over the course of their journey, they met a few stragglers who also found themselves exiled to these lands for various crimes, and together they began construction on a settlement later to be called New Adessia. Over the course of its construction, many of them perished in the harsh wilderness of the Exiled Lands.

With a settlement constructed and life beginning to ease for themselves in the Exiled Lands, the Order has begun to seek out others stuck within the Lands, seeking now to establish contacts, alliances and trade while also trying to solve the mystery of their curse and why they were exiled to the Lands, rather than killed like the baron they served.

The goals of the Order are layered. At their most immediate, the Order strives to survive in the Exiled Lands and to see their land, the province of New Adessia thrive. Its continued survival and evolution is key for the Order.

Beyond that, they also seek to establish trade and friends within the region, hoping to establish a greater civilization in what looks to them to be a generally uncivilized region, where the strongest survive and the weakest break.

Lastly, the Order is also seeking to figure out the nature of the curse that binds them to the lands, as well as the plot that led them to be exiled in the lands themselves.

The Order has a structured rank system that it follows from its old days in Poitain, adapted a bit to suit their new life in the Exiled Lands.
(Note: These ranks are not yet implemented in-game)

Lord: The leader of the Order and the declared Lord of New Adessia.
Knight-Captain: Second-in-command of the Order.
Knight: Valiant men-at-arms of the Order who have taken their knightly oaths to New Adessia and its lord.
Man-at-Arms: Soldiers of the Order. These can also dedicate themselves to becoming knights, thus becoming Aspirants of the Order.
Citizen: This rank is reserved for anyone who does not fit within the military structure of the Order.

How does one join the Order? Normally as a group of people used to MMO-style recruitments, we’ve decided to make joining the Order a bit easier, given the small nature of clans at the moment and with how Conan Exiles works altogether. So, to join, simply send a PM to either myself or Nicadius with your character name, a bit of your character background and why he/she would fit and tell us a bit about yourself and why you’d like to join. Then we can have a bit of a discussion about it and see how it goes!
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