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Derketo, the 'Whore of Set', is a goddess of lust, fertility, and a guardian over children.

It was by her command that Temples be erected (x3) across the world by her Priestesses, Sorceresses, and Worshipers...

Years ago; two women were sent out to the Cursed Wastes in order to dedicate a temple to all the exiles who chose to live there. On the way there they were enslaved and forced into labor until being freed around the time of the Battle of Dark Mountain...

After their exodus they returned to their holy mission of bringing a temple of Derketo to the wastes..

Temple Location:

Temple Status: *Constructed but Unopen*

Temple Occupants: 8 Total
Leader/Sorceress: Era Anhk
Arch Priestess of the Temple: Joda Fae
High Priestesses of Worship (Two spots): TBD
Priestesses: Allie
Guards: Lok'ir Gorak
Members: Snapdragon, Allie, Lokir Gorak, Era Anhk, Joda Fae

Important Details and Laws of the Temple.

The Exterior gate of the temple acts as an enchanted threshhold; be warned all individuals who carry in weapons unblessed by Derketo. As drawing your steel inside the temple without approval of the goddess can lead to the buckling of your knees and the incessant release of your body to the point of unbearability. You have been warned!

Beyond the gate lays the public courtyard; a doubling of a place of debauchery and a place of indulgence and intoxication. It is a place where one can eat, drink, fuck, and be happy all in reverence to the Goddess Derketo. Indulging in your most primal instincts pleasing her at the most basest of levels. But a few rules are to be had inside these holy ground.

1. Leaving -any- mark on any of Derketo's Priestesses whether a bruise from a punch or a lovemark from a kiss, is forbidden.
2.Brawling in the temple grounds in a non-sexual connotation is forbidden and can result in expulsion from the temple.
3.No climbing about the temple. This is to discourage people falling into the water and being eaten by the alligators.
4.One may not openly chastise, judge, or berate someone inside of the temple because of their individual tastes or preferences.
5. Forcing yourself onto a Priestess will result in you being dragged outside and being punished -severely-

For the more prestigious visitors and devout worshipers of Derketo, access to the inner sanctum is granted; a place of holiness to the Priestesses filled with rooms designed to fulfill your more carnal desires. Various rooms designed for various purposes and pleasures. Entry into the inner sanctum alone is consent to be touched, felt, and enjoyed. Entry into a specific room is consent to the actions of said room.

-VIP List for Inner Sanctum Access-
Representatives of the City of Uresh
Olora Feng
*To be added to the list, speak to Era Anhk ICly*
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Nice place you guys have - thanks a million for the great RP this morning! --Matt


- Kubilai the Hyrkanian (Owner of the Four Winds Crafthall)
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Just a bump and a reminder that we're still here. c:
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