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The wrath of the gods has spoken. Change is coming.. and the Wild Horde is unleashed.

The Wild Horde clan is reverting back to its roots and original intent. To pose a threat to the server population and continue the storyline set out by the events triggered in the destruction of Cromheim. The clan is both embedded in and only a minor part of an ongoing story that we will be facilitating for the Bones of Acheron server: You’ll find we play both our player characters as well as several cameo appearances as other tribes during events. At any times, you may ask us who we are now.

  • Stalk the land and pose an ongoing, randomly emerging threat (while offering any and all means of escape for players OOC).
  • Capture individuals for their "participation" in a strange, scary or exciting rituals (again, any means of escape OOC offered, customized to your preferences and comforts).
  • Provide an ongoing plot for the Bones of Acheron server to enjoy in events that will lead to wherever your characters decide to take it!
  • Build small, but in various locations, further emphasizing the tribal presence in the land.

Recent history
An agile male, covered in a mossy tunic and green fiber decorations, stands up in a crowd of Darfari. “The outsiders are quick to rebuild. Their castles and keeps once more rape the land and its tranquility around it. The only relief is the constant flow of atrocities they commit on each other, all but leaving their crimes against our people justified. Our ketemas lie in shambles across the waste. Yog has not spared us, clearly, we have failed in our duty.”

“Silence Maruro! Before the wrath of the gods, the peace brought to us by the sun people is undeniable. Never before have the outsiders raided so little of our ketemas. Never have our villages enjoyed such comfort, if only brief.”

Nimuru stands up, gesturing her hand at the elder woman that spoke. “That peace was a dream, Nanomi. And now, we have been brutally awoken. Peace was never the goal, but unity. Unity of our people: The true power of the desert. Hundreds of our kin dwell in these lands, in minor ketemas, alone or in the binds of the outsiders’ steel. The peace has lasted long enough for the screamers, the soul siphoners and the sky spears to sit together at a campfire. My goals are fulfilled.”

Maruro grins briefly, but then his face turns more serious. “But we are only so few yet, priestess. What can we possibly do against these pink-skinned fools and serpent lovers alike, when they cover themselves in shining metal that bone, stone or wood will not pierce?”

“Rest assured, my people.” Nimuru halts him. “A leader will rise. Perhaps not amongst us here, but be certain, I have foreseen it. As have I foreseen the deaths of us at the hands of the outsiders, if we do not commit ourselves now. While they are weak, we must strike and strike out hard.”

“So be it”, the elderly woman stated. “We will do what we can.”

The diverse factions

The Sunborn
Faction type: Player
Colours: Yellow and orange
The tribe that originates from figures such as Woti, Vega and Nimuru. Though in the presence of a strong few warriors, the village has its hunters, artisans and servants. The sunborn have made many alliances with outsiders, though are still considered a threat by the reservations of most cautious outsiders. The sun people dwell in the valley under the dark city.

The Screamers
Faction type: Story
Colours: Murky green
Crazed jungle stalkers that dwell wherever the land is green and fertile in rare places in the oasis. They cover themselves in moss, fern and flax but have remarkably strong leather armours as well. Their primary weapons are spears, both thrusted and tossed. Their name has been earned for their excessive screaming in battle, often paralysing a victim before striking them with a shriek that sends their heart to stop briefly. The screamers can be found in the south-western oasis, quite near the sun people.

The Sky Spears
Faction type: Story
Colours: Light blue
Though technically one tribe, they are so large with so many villages that allying one village of sky spears could mean alienating and offending the other. The sky spears fight amongst each other more than outsiders and have no tolerance for politics, save for a few. The sky spears roam the lands south of Hjartakostr.

The Soul Siphoners
Faction type: Story
Colours: Purple
Mystical and small, these shamans, witches and sorcerers have had a devastating impact on the region before. Halted and nearly brought to an end by outsiders rallied under the banner of the Mitran fanatics, this tribe was once comparable to the sky spears, but united. Having lost their glory they seek the protection of other tribes, offering mystical services in return of defense. The siphoners are scattered across the land.

The Bloodletters
Faction type: Story
Colours: Dried blood red
Cruel and unreasonable, the bloodletters like to slow bleed their victims at the altar of Yog. Over the course of hours, their captives endure an agonizing death. They are foes of Darfari and outsiders alike, and though not in great quantities, are certainly one of the most dangerous groups out there. The bloodletters roam the highlands around Uresh.

The Deathless
Faction type: Story
Colours: Black and gray
Little is known of the Darfari that dwell north, giving even the hound-men pause at eradicating them. Most Darfari know well enough not to ask questions or get curious at their sinister brothers and sisters of the deathless tribe.

Guild IC "ranks" and OOC guidelines

  • Fun comes first. IC realism is nice, but OOC comfort and enjoyment is far superior.
  • Solution driven: IC friction causes OOC friction. Talk to us if something doesn't feel good. We'll find a way.
  • Build small an open so others are invited to come in and RP. Also, there's enough one-man-mansions out there..

Background story

Prior to the war
The wild horde assembles initially around the most unlikely figure: A cast out prodigy High Priestess of Yog named Nimuru, the Sun-Eyed. Outmatched by her younger sister, she starts roaming the wastelands, further and further out from her village.

Nimuru’s purpose was guided by strange visions of Yog in a manner he had never manifested himself: The shape of a hooded figure with agile, tar black fingers with long nails. In the gods' appearances, he would command the girl to seek out the outsiders, learn of their ways. Her people, the Darfari, had wasted away in tents on the barren wastelands for too long. She was to lead them to a greater purpose while keeping mostly true to their ways.

Her search for the outsiders' knowledge had brought her to many places, Cromheim included, as well as the stronghold of the Thousand Maws. Momentarily swept from her convictions by the flattering offer to join something great, the priestess was briefly caught up in the Maws’ affairs.

After the battle of Cromheim
In the wake of the battle for Cromheim, the sandy oasis breathes a sigh of relief. Though the treacherous sands were never to be taken lightly, with all its wild beasts and roaming savages - nothing compared to the organized threat that the Thousand Maws had posed. Kings and queens alike trembled behind their large walls, in fear of where these remorseless slavers may strike next. But no more. Now, the allied groups of the wide Exiled Lands could live a little easier. And bury the dead in peace.

In the aftermath of the battle, those responsible for the dead were held accountable. Many died the death justified to their actions, but through foolishness or kindness, some walked away. Including Nimuru, the Sun-Eyed.

A small and harmless looking young woman. A curious savage of strange preferences with an enigmatic presence. A well traveled and strangely well-known figure by many sides of the battle. But also a priestess of Yog, and the only one to ever confuse the Maw of their war chief's path. Perhaps harmless. Perhaps not. The fact remained: She was free.

Now, she has regained her convictions and sets out to gather small tribes, villages or even single individuals to her side. To reform her people into a united front. Mold them into a future they would otherwise not have. For their safety, and the glory of her people.

Oblivious to the danger a united front of savages can pose to some of her outsider friends …


EU timezone: Nimuru, Vega, Woti, Dalila.
US timezone: Inaya / Jakande

Comments on the post are welcome. I'm neither very versed in conan lore nor too proud to see improvements. ;)
#13195774 Apr 17, 2017 at 11:47 AM
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Excellent concept, and kudos for using the Maws' arc as a basis for ongoing RP. Can't wait to meet you in the wastes! :P


- Kubilai the Hyrkanian (Owner of the Four Winds Crafthall)
- Zephyra the Huntress (Cimmerian wanderer and leatherworker, currently allied with the Amazons)
#13214256 Apr 27, 2017 at 11:14 AM
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Praise Yog, may the flesh of your enemies make you stronger!
#13214264 Apr 27, 2017 at 11:17 AM
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Are you guys concentrated in a specific part of the map? I've been loitering around Darfari camps in medium armor (no shirt) for days "harvesting ore" and nobody has given me a second glance. 😏


- Kubilai the Hyrkanian (Owner of the Four Winds Crafthall)
- Zephyra the Huntress (Cimmerian wanderer and leatherworker, currently allied with the Amazons)
#13292004 Jun 10, 2017 at 06:33 AM
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It's high time we got passed all the troubles of late, and focus on what we came here to do: Deliver kickass RP. Zuko's joined our ranks and we've had some of our members rerolling to other Darfari as many died during the incursion of the gods. We'll be holding a ceremony soon, in-character, saying goodbye to the dead now that our ketema (village) has been re-built in part.

Inspired by the Brigands' success I've made a concept that shares a few things but is also quite another experience on the other side to join in on the Wild Horde: Finally giving us a bloody reason to be out there - to capture people. Unlike them, however, we will go to great lengths to try and find random people to participate.

Eep, more captures? But wait!
If you're not in the mood for us, however: No problem! We've got half a dozen "outs" on hand where you can keep doing what you were doing undisturbed. What will we do to your character? Nothing like the Winterwolf Horde - they're good at what they do and I'm not stealing their sunshine. Where they bring a certain violent brutality to the theme of Conan, we'll bring the magical side. If you find yourself so unfortunate, in character, that a pack of savages robs you of your freedom, you'll end up in a ritual that can be strange, exciting, sensual, sexual, frightening or horrific and any of those combined. If you contact us for a roleplay, I'll probe you with a lot of questions to make it tailor-made to your character. If you find yourself unlucky by chance, we'll figure it out as we go. There's a great reason for us doing this in character, which I under no bribery or torture will divulge for story purposes.

And what of these events?
That's a thing I'm going to start discussing with various clan leaders. The members of the Wild Horde clan will cameo as one of various Darfari tribes as the savage horde starts washing across the lands.

  • Vega has a tenancy to change our clan name to "Las Vegas" - if you run into that clan, that's also us (Damn it, Vega).
  • I've listed a few random Darfari tribes. Be they lore correct or not, feel free to help me change them. I do not, under any right, claim to represent the entire Darfari population on the server. As you can see from many snippets of RP, the Darfari are a highly divided people. I will never try to enforce anything on the lot of you.
#13294025 Jun 11, 2017 at 02:00 PM · Edited 4 years ago
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Whew, that was quick! Roughly an hour after I put this post up one "unlucky" soul managed to get themselves captured by a host of two devious Darfari. The ritual was more than a little hilarious from the viewer's perspective -- and for a lot of the participants, equally so. It started with two small savages trying their best to get a Rhino-sized Cimmerian into place on the ritual table. Then after a great deal of snarling, growling and pulling at his bonds - a generally impressive barbaric display from the to-be-ritualised fella, the two decided the only way to calm the man was to redirect his angered state to one of arousal.

The trick worked and the ritual was completed. After a brief recovery, the man was returned to the wilderness in a severely weakened state. He would only remember a blurred haze and a few fragments the events.

#13299908 Jun 14, 2017 at 06:29 PM · Edited 4 years ago
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How to even begin to describe this evening. As usual, our Darfari Warband was underway to capture some unwilling souls for the use in our rituals. We stumbled upon a man, who caught himself in this.. rather uncomfortable situation.

Though no sane Nord would surrender to a bunch of savages and he lashed away, giving our warriors considerable punishment. We quickly discovered his life was not his own, when his owner came to his defense, in part. Unfortunately, four savages, armed to the teeth are no match for one girl, no matter how skilled with a bow:

Ultimately, it came to a battle of wills. The two had their various memories explored and their mind opened to be infiltrated for reasons I am keeping out of your mind to discover at a later date. My mind was blown more than a little at the level of detail in the emotes made by these two.

All in all, it was one of those evenings where the RP coming to an end was the worst part of it.
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