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(( For anyone interested, the prequel to this story, can be found HERE ))

Kyceria gathered herself, and cautiously stepped through the portal door.

She had been curious about this thing, ever since they had discovered it. Apparently, it was an entrance to the abyss. Once inside that realm, you could pass through other doors, and therefore into other lands, or dimensions. It was no secret to any of her friends, that she was curious about the dark arts, artifacts, and different lands. So it was only a matter of time before she would gather the courage to step through the doorway, and see where it led.

She thought back over her life so far. She had been brought up in Aquilonia, in the city, in the upper class. She did not know how to fight, survive, anything like that. She was to be the wife of a noble. Or so her father had hoped. Then that fateful day happened, when she had been in the wrong place, at the wrong time. She had been framed for a crime that she did not even know had happened, until too late, simply so the real bandits could make their escape. She had been sent to exile, where she was then found by a clan, and made their slave. Actually, she had willingly accepted being a slave, practically begging for it. She had no idea how to survive, so she had picked slavery over what she had deemed would be certain death. She had no idea at that time that what she had agreed to was a pleasure slave.

The days had gone on, and eventually she had found a way to escape from there. It had not honestly been that bad, but she had resolved that she did not wish to ever be a slave again. The man that had helped her had made her Lady of his house, his clan. She had come full circle- Through exile, she had ended up doing basically what her father had been grooming her for, in Aquilonia. But through it all she had grown. She had learned how to survive on her own, she had fought and consorted with demons and ghosts, and had many, many other adventures. But she always retained her original personality. She was a lady, and she would act like it. That meant, proper manners, proper dress, and proper morals.

That is why she was thrown for a loop when she passed through the doorway.

She had made every preparation possible for this journey into whatever new land was on the other side. She had donned her light armor, picked up her trusty trident, and and her bow. She had packed enough food to last for a few days, even though she doubted she would be there that long. She just wanted to poke her head in, look around, and come back to her comfortable manor house.

But the instant she had stepped through the doorway, she found herself naked, and weaponless. She peered back to whence she came. There, on the ground, lay her weapons and clothes. Apparently material possessions could not come through portals! She went back through, picked up her trident, and tried again. Nope, as she passed through the doorway, the trident slipped from her fingers and clattered on the dirt floor behind her. She tried to force the thing through the door, but no way, it simply was not going to happen.

Kyceria looked around the abyss, suddenly remembering where she was. In the distance, she could see demons, ghosts, and other demons of the abyss, all staring at her with amusement. She glanced around, and saw other shimmering doors of light, and other realms beyond them. She looked back at her own door. Her clothes lay upon the floor with her weapons. She looked at the other doors. Perhaps... perhaps just one. Just a peek. She had to go, even though she was naked, she had to step through, just to see what it was like, just to say she had traveled to a different land.

She picked a door and took a step.

Somewhere, in the distance, she heard laughter.

She stepped through the door into the sand of a beach. It was beside a river. It looked oddly just like the southern river of her own land. Huh. interesting. But..she would not stay here. Her curiosity sated, she turned and-

The door was not there.

It was gone. Whatever Kyceria had stepped through, it had vanished. She fought the panic rising within her. Surely, there was a way back. She would have to find a town, perhaps there was someone in this land, skilled in the dark arts, that would know of these doorways, and could help her. If she could only get back to the abyss itself, it would be a start.

But first. She had to find clothes. There was no way she would walk around naked. She headed for the nearest plant, and started gathering fibers to weave into a fabric.

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Kyceria sat on the floor. Her emotions kept going back and forth between confusion, anger, fear, and despair.

The day had started well enough. She had made her some clothes, a bow and dagger to hunt with, and built a small fire. Gone were the days of a young girl that couldn't kill a bunny, she at least had gotten enough experience with the bow to hunt and kill larger game. She had ventured out a little ways, up and down the river. When she found the building, she was ecstatic. At least it meant there was some form of civilization in this land. There was a sign out front, that labeled the building as Amazon's Tavern. She didn't know who this Amazon person was, but he didn't seem to be at home at the moment. No matter, she poked around the tavern enough to realize that there was in fact a sentient being behind the construction of this place. Deciding that this was her best chance of finding someone to help her, she moved her campfire and bedroll closer, where she could easily watch and see if someone came home, or opened the place up. She spent the rest of the day practicing with her newly made bow.

About evening time, they came. First a woman, followed by a big brute of a man, and what appeared to be a slave girl, following them. They seemed to be hunting herbs, or something. Kyceria was wary, and drew her dagger, but let them approach. She offered them some turtle meat, hoping a show of friendship would be reciprocated. As the slave girl drew closer though, Kyceria did a double take. Was that-? No. I couldn't be. She had to get a better look, to be sure, so she forgot her caution and approached the group. They were talking to her, but she wasn't paying that much attention, just answering blindly. Her focus was on the blond slave. She knew her from somewhere. Suddenly, it dawned on her. The girl looked just like Tlana, the High Priestess of Derketo, from her own realm, the one she wanted to get back to. The girl could be her twin, she looked so much like her! Then, as she got close, and looked up, she saw the recognition in her eyes. It WAS Tlana!! How- How in the world was she here? And... in that position?!

About this time, the hairs on the back of her neck began to tingle, as they lifted. Something was off. What was it the brute and the other girl had just said to her? She had been so focused on figuring out who Tlana was, she had only been half paying attention to what they were saying. All she knew was whatever they had just said, gave her a very uncomfortable feeling in her belly, and at the same moment, Tlana simply mouthed the word "RUN" to her.

Instinct took over. Kyceria turned and ran- right into the rock wall behind her. As she bounced off, she turned to her right, and started towards the tavern. She only tripped and fell over the stones that littered the ground. In an instant, the big man was upon her, pinning her to the ground. He was telling her how she should not resist, things like that, and suddenly a rope was produced. She continued to try to talk her way out of it, but she was bound before she even knew what had happened. "Lets get back before it gets too dark", she heard. Then she was jerked up, unceremoniously, and pulled along behind them.

She had been tied in such a way that she could walk, but not run, or use her hands. So she felt humiliated, as she was dragged on a trek northward. She was glad that there was no one to see her like this, totally helpless, except to follow and watch as they defended themselves against wild animals along the way. In the back of her mind, she knew exactly what was happening, although she did not want to admit it. These were slavers of some sort. She had been kidnapped, and was being taken as a prize. It was confirmed when they reached a massive gate, and as it slammed shut behind her, the brutish man simply turned to her, and said, "this your home now."

Kyceria looked around. It wasn't the Adenium, but it didn't seem to be too bad a place. The Adenium, where she had been a slave before, was something of a palace. She had been given a room, near the top, with a beautiful view. She had loved it. She wondered if her room here would be close to that. Perhaps it would be at least close. She had been a slave once, and she had been able escape that, so she knew what to expect, and she figured she could do it again.

She did not expect this.

She was sore all over, inside and out. She was naked and left with nothing. She couldn't sleep, because of the incessant barking of the dogs, two doors down from her.

So she sat there, fuming, on the floor, in the animal pen she had been locked into.

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"Oh it can't be that bad...", she had thought.

She was living in an animal pen.

She had been made to eat her food off the floor.

She had been forced to expose her body, all of it, to a crowd of strangers in a local inn.

She had been told to tend bar all day for that same group of people, again sans clothing.

-Ok, actually that one she had kind of enjoyed. She had been groomed to be a proper hostess from a young age, and she enjoyed being behind the bar- talking, meeting people, serving drinks to them...even if she did have to climb over the bar itself to get there, -still naked, because the laughing crowd of people wouldn't part and let her go around them. But once she got back there, she lost herself in the tempo and conversation, and had fun. She totally forgot that she wasn't wearing anything. Until someone would remind her, by asking about the naked girl behind the bar. And then, look out, here came her shame again, rushing like the wind through an open window.

And if all the things she had been forced to do, wasn't enough, she could manage to cause herself embarrassment and humiliation, completely on her own.

Tyr had showed up. A friend from the past, but she could not let on like she knew him. In her surprise, upon seeing him the first time, she had forgotten to kneel for Fang Nuala; because it was apparently expected- and was told harshly that she better remember to do that next time. So she and Tyr had found a quiet place outside the back gate to speak. But upon returning, there was Nuala, suddenly appearing from around a corner, as Kyceria made her way up the back steps. Had she heard them? Had she seen anything? All Kyceria could think to do, was to kneel, as the woman had said, and quickly appease her. She completely forgot that she was on the steps, and in her haste, she dropped to her knees, then continued to tumble down the flight of stairs. Nuala simply stepped aside in wonder, muttering, "what the-??", as the tail somersaulted by her.

But then, she had witnessed the big one. One of the girls, Kaela, was to be branded, and Kyce just happened to be wandering by, and was summoned to help. She was not asked. Now she had been branded before, and knew how much it hurt, and thought back to that time. She glanced down at the brand on the outside of her thigh, the desert rose, as she stoked the fire for them. It had been the most painful thing she had endured, and she had been told to stand there and not scream, during the process. It was hard, but she had done it.

What Kaela had endured, while chained to an altar, was nothing like Kyceria had been through. She had found herself gaping, in awe and fear, apprehension and sympathy, during the whole thing. Sorcery, sex, magical runes, fire, and ice together- Her own experience of standing beside a bed enduring a hot iron and told not to scream suddenly seemed tame to her. And the ways she was violated... Kyceria had endured something of that nature also, back when consorting with a demon. But even then, she was with someone she trusted, who controlled the aggressors, and would not let them go any further than Kyceria could handle. With Kaela, it was more like, "well, if she lives through it, we know it worked."
Kyceria knew, in the back of her mind, that she was probably next, or close to the top of the list.
It scared her to death.

When she had first arrived, she had thought, "oh, it can't be that bad..."

She was wrong.

It could be that bad.

And it would probably be worse.
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"We need a cook."

Kyceria had been very lucky on a hunt, and brought back a good bit of meat, all she could carry. She had been rather proud of herself, for her, it was quite a haul. She happily accepted all the looks of awe and thanks, from the taskmasters, as she dumped the elephant meat out and started to prepare it. She did not have to divulge to them that the elephant she had found had caught its foot in a rock, and she basically killed it with what constituted target practice. No, for now, she would just bask in the rare glory of their stares.

There was no one in the kitchen, so she had to prepare and cook the meat herself. It was not a problem, she enjoyed cooking. But back in her former days, when she was Lady of her house, she had a cook to help, two of them in fact. After asking around, she was told that the wolves had no such help. Good cooks were hard to find. But, after asking Kaela, she was allowed permission to go out to the local villages and see if she could locate one. Kyceria had no idea how she was to pay for him, if she found one for hire- She figured she would just cross that bridge if she was lucky enough to find one. Truthfully, she was also just glad to get out for a bit, and get some fresh air.

So she got up early, her and her assigned taskmaster for the day, and headed out. As per usual, he made her carry the weapons, and defend both of them. 'make you stronger', he had said. Whatever. But he was in a decent mood today, so he just let her wander about and explore, always close enough to make sure she didn't escape. She and traveled all around the area, visiting villages that she had heard the names of, but could not find anyone home, much less a cook for hire or trade. As it was getting late, she had ended up at the home of someone calling herself Celestiia. She planned go from there up by the Maul, checking there on the way home, but Kaela had found her first.

"You need to get on home, mongrel," she had been told. She had pushed her luck and stayed away far too long. Kaela then brokered for some man named Sorodain to escort her back, at least part of the way, since he was headed that way, and Kyceria was afraid to try the trip in the dark. He had some big tower, that Kyceria had noticed, and had begged to see the top of it. Kaela had relented; perhaps too easily- with a wink to the man, a wink that seemed suspicious- But Kyceria didn't dwell on it. She wanted to see the tower.

But alas. When they got there, and started up the elevator to his house proper, the clumsy little girl misstepped and fell off. It was pretty bad, and she severely sprained her ankle. Climbing a bunch of steps to the top of a tower was now out of the question. Sorodain, or whatever he had called himself, had sent her on back home, in the care of some of his own employees, or guards, or whatever he had. They had deposited her at the gate, and left.

Kyceria limped inside, testing her ankle gingerly...and there stood Ludk, waiting for her. 'oh mitra's whiskers, what now,' she thought.

"Mongrel!" He bellowed, "you learn three lessons! Now time for tour! Then you be ready!"

Ready for what exactly, Kyceria wasn't sure, but, she was getting a tour of the place, whether she liked it or not. Ludk had pushed her down to the ground, and instructed her to crawl along beside him. Most of the time he had held her by the nape of her neck, or her hair, just to make sure she stayed down and near. Kyceria wasn't sure which would be worse; walking around everywhere on a sore ankle, or crawling around beside her master like an animal.

The first stop was the altar area, to the Winterwolf. She had only seen it once, during the branding ritual she had witnessed last week. Ludk pushed her up to the altar itself, the fires burning within, and pushed her face so close that she could feel the heat.

"Mongrel know what this is?!"

"Its a fire." Kyceria said flatly. Then she remembered to add, "master."

Ludk looked at her a second, then continued, "This is alter to Winterwolf!! Does mongrel know what please Winterwolf?!"

Kyceria shrugged. "Probably to be summoned somewhere other than this stupid desert."

Again, Ludk just looked at her, obviously trying to gauge if her responses were to be punishable or not.
"Well- What please Winterwolf is when Ludk kills herdlings, and put them in here!"

At this, Kyceria noticed the bones in the fire. "Umm, those herdlings... what are they?"

"They Herdlings! things Ludk kills!"

"I mean, are they- ...people herdlings? or animal herdlings?"

"Oh they people herdlings. or used to be. Ludk kill them, and squash them, and throw them in alter, then take bones that left for trophies for Ludk's room!"

Kyceria shuddered as she asked the next question on her mind, but she had to know.
"Do you eat the herdlings?"

"What?! No! We not eat them! We not cannibals, like dafari!"

Kyceria breathed a sigh of relief.

After a harrowing elevator ride back down to the ground, during which Kyceria's hand slipped through the floor grate and narrowly missed grievous injury, they stood- or rather, Ludk stood, and she knelt- before another door.

"Up there is shaman room," Ludk pointed out, "Mongrel can go in and get healing herbs, but not any further. Shaman second only to Wolf Lord."

Kyceria tried to remember if she had met this shaman yet or not. Maybe he was the one doing the ritual in the branding. What was his name again? She looked up at Ludk. "Is the shaman the one that you call Loke?"

Ludks' face paled. "NO No, NO! Mongrel not mention shaman's name! Not even Ludk mentions shaman's name!!!"

"So how am I supposed to know which one of you it is?" Kyceria asked. "you wouldn't' want me to just go up to the wrong fang and call them shaman would you? Wouldn't that be just as bad?"

"Hmmm," Ludk pondered, "Mongrel make good point." He looked up. "Mongrel should go up to fang, and ask, 'Fang, is you shaman?'" He punctuated with a nod.

Kycera looked at him, and pursed her lips. "Fang, is you shaman?"

"No," Ludk shook his head, "Ludk not shaman."

Kyceria somehow managed to keep a straight face as she was dragged to the next stop on the tour.

The pens, craft hall, and other areas, she had seen, so they did not linger. Finally, after she bumbled and bumped up the steps, still on hands and knees, being dragged by the neck, they ended up in the mess hall. Ludk showed Kyceria his room, which did indeed have what appeared to be an alter of people herdling bones. Then they headed over to the bar. Finally after what had seemed an eternity, he told her she could stand. He instructed her to get him a drink, which she did without defiance.

"Ludk been thinking," he started, as he took his ale, "Mess hall always empty. Can't keep savage slaves here working, they not good enough and get thrown in alter. Ludk see mongrel is decent cook, and watch her tend bar at Maul tavern. Mongrel pretty good at it. Ludk think mongrel should be over mess hall and tavern. What do mongrel thi-"

"Yes! Yes! I'd love too!" Kyceria clapped, smiling.

"Calm down, mongrel!" Ludk bellowed, "We give test. Mongrel need to be trained. Then official tail. Then can do. But... mongrel can go ahead and be this, if she want. for test, till official. Ludk need to make sure. Pretend Ludk is not fang. is visiting person. How you treat them?"

Kyceria calmed herself. She tried her best to be the perfect hostess and bartender for Ludk. She really wanted to do this. It was something she enjoyed doing, and would give her a sense of purpose around here. She flitted around, and tried to make sure he was taken care of. But Ludk just said things like- "Mongrel need to make herself pretty!" Kyceria tried to think of how she could do this. Life in the desert was harsh, and she tried to clean up the best she could, with what limited resources she had access. Sensing her confusion, Ludk elaborated. "Make self pretty! Stick tits out!"

Kyceria sighed.
-and pulled her shoulders back, and tried to comply.

About this time, mass confusion set in. Someone started blowing the horn, then somehow got in and was running through the grounds. Ludk told her to wait there, went out to investigate. While she was waiting, Keltyn suddenly came running in, shouted in detail all the unmentionable things that he was going to do to her when he became fang, and immediately ran back out. Then Ludk ran in, then out again. Kyceria shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs, as she tried to process all of this.

Eventually Ludk came back, and sat at one of the tables. She realized then, he was still pretending to be a customer, so she sauntered over asked if she could get him anything.

"Ludk want mongrel to dance, on lap."

Kyceria stared for a moment. How-? Ludk was pulled up close to the table, in a chair with arms. Was she supposed to somehow stand on his lap and dance? She did not trust herself one minute to do that and not fall off. But he seemed to be waiting expectantly. So giving it her best shot, she climbed up onto the table, facing him, and scooted off onto his lap. There was barely enough room for her to fit, between him and the edge of the table, and she had to splay her legs over the arms of the chair, and let them dangle behind him. Shrugging to herself, she imagined some music, and started to snap her fingers and sway as best she could. She had no idea what this was supposed to accomplish.

It was Ludk's turn to stare. "That not right." he said, "But, Ludk see mongrel trying hard, so Ludk not punish. Ludk tired. sleep time. more training later. But mongrel can do job now."

With that, he scooted back, and stood up, lifting her by her small frame and gently setting her beside him, on the floor. Kyceria silently marveled at his massive arm strength, as he lumbered off to his room. Looking about, she surveyed the tavern area. If this was going to be her responsibility, it was going to be kept spotless. She quickly set to work cleaning the bar and tables.
And she was still going to have to find a cook.

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She ran through the forest. Branches smelling of pine smacked into her as she brushed by them, but she did not care. The clean snow coating the forest floor crunched beneath her paws, as she ran behind her pack. She was near the last- most, if not all, were ahead of her. The warriors, the alphas, she could smell their scents. She could smell everything, and hear sounds previously unheard.

There, up ahead, she could sense the prey. A family of great bears milled about in the clearing. Her pack stopped, as if one, just on the outskirts, out of sight. They looked at each other, plumes of frosty white breath coming from their nostrils. Then, on signal, they rushed the clearing, moving as swift as the winter wind itself. The warrior alphas tore into the great bears, jaws snapping, hitting them fast and hard, from all angles.

Kyceria watched for a split second, and then moved silently around the clearing. This was not her job, and she knew it. She sniffed, and hunted, until she found it. On the other side, to the left, there was the bear's den. Hearing the fighting continue behind her, she crept into their den. She urinated and defecated on their food supply. She tore up the sleeping places, and tore holes in the top of the shelter. Her sharp ears perked up. She followed the sound, towards the back of the den, and found what she was looking for.

The little bears, the family's cubs, were huddled in a corner, looking up at her. She cocked her head, watching them whimper. She padded up to them, as if to give them a nuzzle on the neck. Then she clamped down and ripped the cub's neck out. She proceeded to tear into the others, while surprise was on her side. It would not have mattered. She gave no mercy, ripping limbs from bodies, gnawing at bones, sinews, and flesh, until nothing was recognizable. There was nothing left that resembled a little bear. Only carnage.

Kyceria padded back out into the forest, past where her alphas were still fighting. She caught the eye of the one of them, and silently conveyed that she was done, the mission was accomplished. As one, the pack broke away, leaving the wounded bears to find out on their own what had taken place during the distraction.

And then she was out of her body, hovering above it. She saw herself standing there, a small white wolf, blood dripping from her snout and teeth, staining her fur and the snow beneath her. Her icy blue eyes were glowing with a-

Kyceria awoke from the dream with a start. She was in her pen, the new one, laying on her new bed. The fresh brand of the Winterwolf, upon her lower abdomen, was glowing fiercely. There was an unmistakable feeling in her loins, combined with a moist wetness. She looked back at the brand, which was still pulsating with blue light. Receiving it had been the most traumatic thing she had ever experienced. 'Give in, it seemed to be saying. There is no strength, without pain.' She reached down with one hand, and began tracing the brand. Her other hand found its way to the wet area between her legs.

She closed her eyes, threw back her head, and gave in.

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Kyceria lay in her bed, a couple nights later, thinking over all that had happened.

The shaman was gone. Murdered, or killed in a duel, she wasn't sure which. It appeared to be a duel, but the way it had played out, she suspected some type of underhanded duplicity was involved. After his death, they had all mourned, as a pack. She had fallen ill, and missed the funeral rites, but tried to participate as best she could.

Confined to her pen, she had mourned with the dogs. Yes, that was her status now. She was just a mongrel. Albeit, she was the head mongrel, but in truth, just a mongrel.

Head mongrel. Alpha Tail, they had named her. In addition to being over the mess hall and tavern, she was now over all the taskmasters, and all the other tails. She could be bartender, cook, maid, purchaser of food and ale, entertainment, whatever it took, or she could delegate any of those jobs. It was basically her job to make sure the household ran smoothly.

There were certain privileges to being the Alpha Tail. She could now wear clothing, which she was very thankful for. She had command over all of the other tails, AND their taskmasters. She could basically tell them to do anything she wanted. And she was apparently expected to do so, and treat them the same way she was treated by her own alphas. This seemed alien to her. She could delegate duties in a household easily, that much she had been trained to do. But exerting authority, especially when challenged, that would take work. Luckily, Ludk had showed up unexpectedly during her first challenge, and silently backed her up, whether he realized it or not. She had just continued with what she felt would be expected, treating the young tail as she had been treated- and it was intoxicating. She could see why people liked being in control. She still did not know if she could pull it off or not, though, when by herself.

She had drifted off to sleep, thinking of this, of how to best be an alpha tail. She knew she could go to her alphas, and tell them if needed help controlling someone under her, but she refused to do this, unless a dire emergency. She wanted to handle things herself, in her own way. She would not be a tattletale, like that new taskmaster...

She dreamed-

She was in a tree. She was some type of animal, again. Was she a wolf? No, no, this time she was an antelope. But she walked around in the top of a tree. She looked down, and there was a house. It was HER house! her old house! And there she was, on the veranda, in her favorite green dress, looking up at herself, sipping wine, and watching.

Time seemed to fast forward. Sunrises and sunsets came and went quickly. She watched people visit her, people she knew and cared about. There was a glimpse of Syadi! Oh, how she missed her sister. There were parties, and gatherings, and then one day...the house was empty. The courtyards were bare, the kitchen fires went out, and her thralls left, one by one. There were more days, and more nights. Suddenly, the ground begin to shake. Earthquakes and cataclysmic events were common in the exiled lands, she knew that. She had survived more than one. She watched as this one hit. The ground shook, lighting and thunder rolled in, and then her house, her tree, all of it began to sink, swallowed by the earth itself.

- She awoke abruptly.

Her eyes wide, her skin clammy, she knew, in her heart, her vision was real. Her old home had suffered an apocalypse of some sort. It was gone. Her house, her friends, the portal door itself, was gone.

The hunt for the door was over, before it began. There was nothing to go back to. It was all gone.

She laid there in her bed, trying to go back to sleep, mourning for the second time this week. But this time she was alone.
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She was a wolf. a small white wolf. No, wait. She was in her den, waiting. The small white wolf was coming to her. It was running, through a forest. coming this way. Other wolves followed it, the rest of the pack. -No- The others were not only wolves. They were other animals. All kinds of different animals followed the small white wolf. A myriad of different animals followed the wolf, through the snowy forest. Suddenly they burst through the door. They filled the place, eating the food, laying on the furs, urinating on the doorposts, claiming the whole den, her den, as their own. She lay upon her furs, looking up at them, as they all gathered round, staring at her,-

Kyceria woke up from the dream with a start. She looked around her pen, frightened. She was on her bed, and it was quiet. No animals stood looking at her, as she expected.

She got up to get some water, and wash her face. The dreams had been coming more and more frequently. She was even hearing things now, or she thought she did. Sometimes, when it was really quiet, she would think that she would hear someone whispering to her. Then, as soon as she noticed it, it was gone.

As she splashed cold water onto her face, she looked at her reflection. She was wearing nothing at the moment, save the wolf head pendent that had been given to her by Alpha Ludk-thya. wait, what? where did that thought even come from? His name was Ludk. Then... no, what was it? Wolf Lord. or Alpha. That's what she was supposed to call him.

Kyceria grasped the pendent and held it in her small hand, staring at it. She loved it. It was a wolf silhouette, made with pure silver, with an inset ruby for the eye. As she held it, she noticed, or rather, felt, her wolf brand on her abdomen. It was not glowing this time, and it was neither pain nor pleasure, it was simply a feeling. an odd sort of feeling. Cocking her head, she touched the brand, with two fingers, using her free hand, the one not holding the pendant.


What? She looked around.


What in the world?


What was happening here?



Kyceria grabbed the railing of the bathing pool, to steady herself, with both hands. She stood there reeling, as the wolf pendant, now free, dangled against her chest, and the feeling in her abdomen subsided. She shook her head. Was she going crazy?
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Yet another dream.

Kyceria was a wolf again, and she was- humping another wolf. She knew this was just another dream, because she was the alpha, the male. She had another wolf below her, and was mating with it, claiming it from behind as her bitch. The other wolf looked oddly familiar, but it she could not place it. There was another familiar wolf beside her, watching. She was angry. Why was she angry? She did not know. She just took it out on the bitch she-wolf under her. She reached that moment, when she climaxed in the throes of passion. She threw her head back and howled, as she took the other wolf. "Awhoooooo!! Ah ah Ahwoooooooo-

Suddenly as with all the other dreams, this one ended.

Only she wasn't in her bed.

And she wasn't dreaming. or was she?

As the 'dream' came to an abrupt end, and she came back to full consciousness, she found herself in Wolf Lord Ludk's bed, atop the Wolf Witch, Kaela. Kyceria was wearing some type of leather and wood contraption, and had apparently been taking the Wolf Witch from behind, and found herself now in the after effects of that passionate scene. She looked around in confusion. This had not been a dream.

What in exile was going on with her?
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Kyceria heard a distant rumble of thunder. Was it actually going to rain in this forsaken place? She thought of earlier, last eve, of the girl that had been so rude to her. Her first thought should have been to use her manners, and eloquently apologize for being in the way. Instead, the world KILL and tearing her throat out had flashed into her mind. It rattled her so bad she had simply ran away.

After getting back to her den, she had simply hung around with her Fang brothers. Oddly, they were being respectful to her, and treating her more like a sister fang than a tail. She was not complaining at all! She had an odd longing to ask them to teach her to fight better, but kept quiet. Fang Frederick had decided to take her out and teach her to climb rocks, something they all seemed to be learning. She was not sure about this. It had scared her to death, the places he had taken her, the heights they had gone to, but she had steeled herself and followed as best she could.

She was not sure how much she would use this, but at least now, she knew enough to climb up onto a high ledge, and she knew it would help her as she hunted and stalked prey. She shook her head. Prey? Where did that thought come from? Surely she meant wild animals. for food. surely.
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The last few days had been such a blur. She sat staring at a blank page in her journal. She didn't know where to start, but she felt that she did need to jot the events down, so she could remember them correctly.

The Wolf Lord had been murdered. Kaela had given her life as cost for a curse to take down the man that murdered her mate. Kyceria had at least gotten one of her own arrows in the bastard too, before he ran off. But with the events before and after that moment, somehow, her entire clan had all met their demise. Each one of them, that she knew of anyway, had either died or ran off and left her alone here. All that was left was her, her taskmasters, her tails, and a captive she had found locked away. But he was just some little girly noble boy, who would be about as useful in a fight as she would be. maybe less useful even.

She had cried, she had grieved, she had made sure the bodies and skulls of those slain were taken care of properly, and then she had set to work. She was still here. She still had to survive.

Her first order of business had been to free all the slaves. All of them. A lot of them had decided to stay with her. She had given them the choice. Some ran, and in an oxymoron had told her she how stupid she was for doing this, as they ran away. She did not care. She had been a slave, twice now, and if the choice was left to her, she would not anyone with her unless it was of their own free will. She had symbolized this, by given them each a dagger, hilt first, as was done for her, just before the Wolf Lord fought his final battle. One taskmaster had stated that the daggers were supposed to be a dagger owned by the master of the slave, not ones that she was giving out, that she had randomly found in the armory. "Am I not mistress of this house now? And if I am mistress of the house, do I not own everything in it? These daggers in the armory are mine then." He had not argued with her logic.

The last few days had been such a blur. She sat staring at a blank page in her journal. She didn't know where to start, but she felt that she did need to jot the events down, so she could remember them correctly.

The Wolf Lord had been murdered. Kaela had given her life as cost for a curse to take down the man that murdered her mate. Kyceria had at least gotten one of her own arrows in the bastard too, before he ran off. But with the events before and after that moment, somehow, her entire clan had all met their demise. Each one of them, that she knew of anyway, had either died or ran off and left her alone here. All that was left was her, her taskmasters, her tails, and a captive she had found locked away. But he was just some little girly noble boy, who would be about as useful in a fight as she would be. maybe less useful even.

She had cried, she had grieved, she had made sure the bodies and skulls of those slain were taken care of properly, and then she had set to work. She was still here. She still had to survive.

Her first order of business had been to free all the slaves. All of them. A lot of them had decided to stay with her. She had given them the choice. Some ran, and in an oxymoron had told her she how stupid she was for doing this, as they ran away. She did not care. She had been a slave, twice now, and if the choice was left to her, she would not anyone with her unless it was of their own free will. She had symbolized this, by given them each a dagger, hilt first, as was done for her, just before the Wolf Lord fought his final battle. One taskmaster had stated that the daggers were supposed to be a dagger owned by the master of the slave, not ones that she was giving out, that she had randomly found in the armory. "Am I not mistress of this house now? And if I am mistress of the house, do I not own everything in it? These daggers in the armory are mine then." He had not argued with her logic.

Her next order of business involved her brand. indirectly. The stupid wolf brand had stopped working. It didn't glow anymore, nor did she feel the pain or pleasure it had been randomly causing. It was now simply a brand. Kaela had told her something before she passed, about the brand being tied to the magic of the shaman, or shamaness. Kyceria would have to take on that role, and be the new Wolf Witch. Well, she didn't know how to do that. This stupid Winterwolf was not all he was cracked up to be. The more she thought about it, the madder she got. She would still be a wolf, but not one in service to...him. Winterwolf. Fenris. whatever he was called today. She was mistress of this house now, and she would do this her way.

So that led to the next order of business. She called her most able bodied taskmasters together. Their eyes widened as she instructed them to tear down the shrine, temple, whatever was, to the Winterwolf.

"Tear it down. Tear it all down," she said, "We are downsizing this place."
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She stands, one arm crossed across her abdomen, the other holding the glass of wine that she sips, watching the visitors scurry to and fro, moving in, getting settled. She had not meant to run an inn, and she had no plans to turn it into one. But these people needed a place to stay, and she could benefit from them being here. Besides, the dreams....she could not ignore the dreams- even though she had only told a few about them.

So she would let them stay- for now- and see how it went. As long as they followed her rules, she would allow them here. Her rules were very simple. Help with the chores, recognize her as the head of this household, don't rape and pillage her or her servants, and protect her. Other than that, she didn't care what they did. She had no interest in control, or governing of their pack, or what they did. In return, they could have food, and a place to stay.

In the simplest form, it was a mutual benefit. She gained the protection that she lost when the wolves left, and they gained a place to live. She hoped it would work out. She rolled her eyes, shook her head, and sighed as a naked person ran by
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Kyceria sat by herself in the lounge, sipping her wine in quiet contemplation. A lot had happened this night, in a short amout of time. It was quite a lot to take in, and comprehend. She would have to ponder all of this. She got up to go to bed, to see what Note had done to their room. She wasn't sure, sounded like he wanted to make a fort with his pillows? She shook her head and headed that way.

But then, she stopped. She turned, and got some raw meat from the storage area. Looking around, seeing no one watching, she quietly put it on a plate, and sat it outside the door, on the ground. a gift....she hoped she was doing this right.
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Kings and queens, princes and princesses, priests and priestesses. Titles seemed to matter not to her anymore. They were just people.

Kyceria lay upon her bed, trying too hard to sleep, thinking about how to contact the wolf that appeared in her dreams, through the dream itself. That was the only place she had truly seen it. If only she could realize she was dreaming, while in the dream and speak to it…gradually, finally, she dozed…

She was standing in the snow-covered forest again. The scent of pine was strong. She was naked, but she was not cold. She did not want to be naked. She looked down again, and clothing had appeared. She looked back up, and noticed the small white wolf, sitting patiently staring at her, with its icy grey eyes.

“I was hoping you would appear. I…would like to speak with you,” she ventured, tentatively
“You just did.”
“I…oh. Um…thank you for appearing.” She fidgeted, not really knowing what to say, at this point.
The wolf smiled. It had grown to love this awkward little girl that it had been given charge over.
“I appreciate the gifts you have given to me.”
“HA!!” Kyceria exclaimed, “I knew you would like it! Grim told me all I did was feed some hyenas!”
“Grim was correct. The hyenas did enjoy the meat you gave them, and I do like it when you take care of the low beasts…but that is not what I was talking about. I’m talking about the real gifts you have given this day.”
Kyceria looked confused. "I didn’t give you anything else,” she said, “All I’ve done is to try to communicate with you, like in this dream, to see what you-“
The wolf nodded.
“oh.” After a moment of silent thought, she added, “Is there…anything else that I…gave?”
“Yes. You stood up for yourself quite nicely. I like that.”
She drew herself up a bit. “I get so tired of doing what others want, and serving-“
“I know. Child, you were never meant to be someone’s pet. You only do it because the lows taught you that you were supposed to. It is good to see you embracing your true nature. Listen to your instincts. Listen to my guidance. If you want respect and authority, then take it.”
She pursed her lips. “So, if I’m not a servant, then am I to rule?” Her eyes were wide.
The wolf shook its head, chuckling softly. “No. No, child. But it is not that simple. You are both. You are neither. Your role is something else.”
“But I don’t understand.”
“You will.”

With that, the wolf turned to walk away, its paws crunching the new fallen snow.
“Wait!” Kyceria called, “I was told to ask you your name! That it would help me to talk to you better!”
“You were not told to ‘ask’ anything. You were told to find out."
“So what is it? What- TELL me your name.”
The wolf smiled, looking a back at her over its shoulder. “I have already told you. I have told you every time that we have met. It is up to you, and part of your journey, to learn to understand me.” With that, the wolf cantered off, into the trees.

Kyceria was left, standing alone, in the small clearing. The only sound was the soft whisper of the snow, now falling again, as it fell through the trees-

Kyceria sat bolt upright in her bed, eyes wide. Across the room, Note jumped, inside his pillow burrow.
“A- are you o- okay, mistress?” he asked softly.

“SNOW.” Kyceria said, “Her name is Snow.”
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Kyceria lay there thinking.
Why had she done this? The two obviously had not needed instruction or supervision. But she had felt some strange need to be there, doing..something. Why? why?, mouse had asked. Kyceria didn't even think she herself knew the answer to that question.

So many questions... What she had seen and heard this night, it had threw her for a loop. Who were these people? Who... or what- was this Grim, and how had she known what Kyce had not told anyone? And there were so many more questions, that had manifested themselves out of one conversation, and one single event. A conversation that had apparently made the one person that knew all the answers mad enough to leave, and an event, that upon that person's exit, caused Kyceria to want her to stay.

'Will I ever be able to do anything right?'

Kyceria sighed and fell asleep, holding the Mouse in her arms.
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