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Name: Ylva Olæifdottir, daughter of Olæif Hrafnvartrsson

Race: Vanir
Age: 21

Personality Profile:

Personality: She is very unforgiving to those and speak out against her, and over protective of her sister Bryelle. She speaks very little in a social scene, but if someone is to speak against her clan… beware her growl. She enjoys the smell and taste of blood but does not eat people. Her deceitful ways and maliciousness sometimes causes a rift between her and her sister though loyal she always remains. She is clan orientated and would die before seeking mercy from an enemy. Pain was something she enjoyed and often will get aroused from it.

Physical Appearance: Shorter than those who shared her blood. Gentle blue eyes, set seductively within their sockets. Fair skin elegantly compliments her button nose and luscious lips. She has rouge-red hair that crashed over her shoulders, sometimes you would find it in a messy braid that would flow down her back. Her body was toned and lean though curvy as you looked down her body.

Deity: Ymir

Profession: Shieldmaiden

Habits/Hobbies: She tends to come off sarcastic and sadistic… she also has a bad habit of lying… though she would not ever lie to her sister. She tended to be flirty with too much mead or ale. It seems her guard was down when she was drunk.

Weapon of Choice: She prefers her axe, though she is skilled with a bow..
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Hidden Desires #1

“We all need to look into the dark side of our nature… that’s where the energy is, the passion. People are afraid of that because it holds pieces of us we’re busy denying.”

She sat there by the fire… staring into the bright flames. The red haired woman had just been let out of the fortress. What she tried to show Ylva she didn’t understand and felt foolish. That of lust and passion… The man that she now knew as Frothnar… cold and brutal. She bites her lip as she thinks of him. A urge of control came over her. The desire to control such a man. He had no fear, no hesitation to do what needed to be done. He could deem useful to her and Bryelle. But Ylva knew the dark truth of this… a man like him was not one easily controlled. She knew this because she saw herself in him. They shared the same desire to cause pain and misery. No one could control her… so how was one to control him.

From the corner of her eye she sees her sister, her dear sister. Bathing in the water that was beside the fire… she remains silent as she watches her. The water flowing over her curves. Her thoughts went back to the woman. The woman she opened herself to… spoke of wanting to learn. Learn the ways of seduction. Ylva was unsure if such advances would work on a man but she knew it was something she must try. She felt stupid and out of control as she went over the thoughts in her head. Over what the woman had showed her… why did she allow weakness to show through? She was a wolf… she was the sister of a powerful woman, a strong Jarl. Yet she was weak because she didn’t know the art of seduction and passion. She didn’t know what any of those things felt like. She only knew pain and hatred. She only knew suffering and agony. Blood was her desire not sex… yet she would sink to the level of known whores into their world of desires. All to gain one thing… control.

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Secret Journal: Entry 35

Ylva sits at the table writing in a small book she kept normally hidden away. Hidden away so outside eyes would never find out her secrets

I'm tortured by the truth… the truth of my weakness and failures. My dear sister, how does she do it? She speaks and they listen. She snaps her fingers and they listen. Yet I cannot speak the way she can. I've seen men bend the knee before her. It is almost effortless for her. I wish I could be as strong as my sister. To take what belongs to us as she always has…

The red haired girl I should have killed. Had my dagger at her throat, my prey right there for me to enjoy. No one around to stop me. No one to hear her screams. By Ymir oh how those screams make my blood warm and my skin tingle. That feeling in my stomach, that sudden knot in my throat. Even now I desire her… her flesh painted with red. But no… I let the stupid cunt get into my head. She spoke of others that I would rather see bleed. Oh how that peaked my interest.

And how she knew something I never once understood. The art of passion and sweet desires. It was torturing watching her down on all four… showing me submission. Did she really expect that to work on a man such as Frothnar? Well it didn't and now I am stuck with my tail between my legs because I looked like a fool doing it. I let the bitch into my mind. Let her know my plan cause I thought she could offer me something I know nothing about. Perhaps that is what she wanted… to make a fool out of me? Passion of the flesh my arse! The only passion I know is when I take my dagger and cut into my prey’s soft skin, watching the blood seep out with no shame…

I must find her… and make her pay for her deceit. Her snake tongue would not work again against the wolf…

Ylva closes the small book and walks up to the throne and moves the loose piece of stone that was on the right side. She places the book inside the small hole and places the stone back into place. Hiding her thoughts, her truths…
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Secret Journal: Entry 3

Ylva takes her journal from under her pillow… she recently started to keep it. Writing down her thoughts that tormented her or even those thoughts that brought her joy. Very few knew what she desired, what she feared. But all of them could be found in this small book. She began writing in it after she framed Calder for the murder of his wife… her first entry was about him. About how she tried to seduce him and because he denied her she killed his wife and child. The details were dark and descriptive. Anyone who read them would either lick their lips with their own desire of wishing to be there or want to strangle Ylva with their bare hands.

I’m going to finally do it… kill her. I will kill the witch that seduced her way into my father’s bed. That babe in her belly will not breath his first breath for I will steal that right away from him. Oh poor baby they would say… how could you do such a thing Ylva? I laugh at the fools that are not willing to do what it takes. Everyone wants to eat but few are willing to hunt! Gyda for all the times you beat me. For all the times you took from me continuously without a care in the world… I will take from you. No deary it won’t be me taking your power or your love that my father holds so dear for you. Nay, I will take your life, your child. I will take the very thing you seem to not be appreciative of? Yes, I will watch your blood run through my fingers as I bathe in your red glory. Oh how Ymir will smile down upon me that night I cut the swine from your swollen belly. And poor old father… I do pray that his heart can take the pain I will cause him. And if he dies from a broken heart? Oh well…

She closes the leather and puts it back under her pillow… she moves to take her dagger. The one she planned on using tomorrow. A special day for Ylva… her twenty first birthday. Oh the village would not only hear the laughter and singing of so many Vanir’s, but also the screams from the Jarl’s wife!

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Secret Journal: Entry 41

Ylva takes her little leather book from under the stone near the throne. She looks around to make sure Divah or her sister was around. Yulmir was back in the hut sleeping and Keennix was away gathering information from the south. The other members haven’t been seen for a few moons now, so she wasn't concerned with them showing up suddenly. She sits down in the throne and begins to write.

He makes me feel weak when he is near me. I try to hide it in front of him, but I think he knows. The way his breath feels against my neck as he stands behind me and whispers to me… how I give into every desire he wishes of me. Even when I resist him, it only takes him to put his hand against my throat. And I let him… is this wrong? I am not one that would allow a man to have this much power over me. What does this power even mean for him? Would I sacrifice for him? Would I allow his words influence me? I do not know for he hasn’t tried. The only thing he was able to take from me is my ability to resist his touch. He took the only thing that was mine. I didn’t want to give it yet he took so easily. I spoke with my sister the other night and explained how I do not understand what I’m doing. She tells me that I should use my power over him in order to maintain control. But yet I don’t think she realizes that it is him who has the power…

She closes her leather book and for a moment holds her face in her hands. She is frustrated and confused. She wants to not let this change her but yet she already feels changed. Can she hide this new found weakness from her sister and her enemies?
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