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"So," the giant gray tabby spoke as it prowled through the small cabin, "you have been named Mouse. Are you to be my prey then?" The monstrous feline followed up the taunt with a snickering of laughter and a rumbling purr.

"You can't hurt me in here, so how can I be your prey?" Mouse spoke softly from the shadows of the closet behind the big cat, thinking she was unseen as she tried to tiptoe away to the stairs.

The giant tabby suddenly turned and slapped a paw against the girl's chest, pressing her back against the wall, "Can't I?" The feline leered hungrily, licking its whiskers as it peered at the girl. "You think me merely a passenger, lil squeak?"

Mouse looked up into those bright eyes, "Even if you can, you won't. You know the urges of the Beasts, and you know they will not hold back from taking what they want. You know you want someone else in your place when it happens."

The Grimalkyn slowly extends her claws, stabbing lightly into the soul of the girl, "If I feared their urges, why would I invited them as I do?"

Mouse whimpered as the claws actually did cause some kind of pain, panting as if she needed to breathe, "You wouldn't if you didn't have me!"

With a hiss, the large cat shoved the girl away like a rag doll. "Little Mouse thinks she's clever. Taunt me again, prey, and I'll seduce every last one to treat you as the Mundi Man does, Dire be damned!"

Mouse landed on the wooden planks of the floor, but was instantly up the stairs and peering over the railing at the cat. "I don't know why you punish me. I've done nothing but obey your will."

The cat sat, growing smaller, reducing is size by half as it flicked its tail, lifting its paw to lick it clean as if it had been soiled by the girl it had tossed away. "Such is your value to me, Little Mouse. Perhaps one day I will snuff your life and set you free. Until then, you are at my mercy. Squeak about it, if it pains you, but don't expect your squeaks to change anything."

"Of course not," the Mouse replied. "I merely answered your questions...Mistress. If you prefer, I will be silent." The Grimalkyn flicked her tail at the girl but said nothing else, disappearing into the darker parts of the cabin.

Mouse blinked her eyes open. The lair was dark, a torch from the hall reflecting the hint of light off the brick wall. Still, she could see the Dire still had not returned to his bed. Rising to her feet, she stretched and began her new morning routine.
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A gasp sounded in the cabin as the small Rabbit appeared. The sound of soft feet shuffling on the wooden floor as it turned this way and that in a panic, ready to run but unsure which way to do so. Suddenly, the large paw of the Grim slapped down upon the lapine, pinning her to the floor with a claw resting over the bunny's heart. "Hello, Blossom Breath. How are you?" The Grimalkyn loomed like a giant tiger over the rabbit.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" The rabbit screamed a death cry before blinking and peering up at the giant, leering face of the Grimalkyn, panting hard. "Oh...uh...Grimthya! It..It's j-just you. Uh.h-hello. I..I am ..well. Th-thank you..f-f-f-for asking. hehe." The very polite Rabbit attempted to appease the mighty cat.

"Are you well, my dear Blossom? That's not what I heard. It seems your human has been interfering in my duties to the pack. dear little friend...does not bode well for your...wellness." The large feline licks her whisker and speaks menacingly.

The Rabbit trembles and stammers, "Y-yes, right...s-so s-s-sorry about that, Grimthya! I..I have...spoken to him! Told him to...honor you...and ..n-not to upset you, Grimthya. I..I am guiding him! P-p-promise!"

Grim pressed her face closer to the relatively tiny bunny and opens her mouth to let the lapine get a good look at those large, spine cracking fangs before sticking out the tongue to lick at the lapine. The great tabby suddenly reducing to roughly the same size as the rabbit, licking and grooming her head and one long ear, purring to comfort her. "I am pleased to hear it, Blossom. I should hate to think our friendship would have to end over such a trivial matter."

The rabbit calms, seeing her long time friend's wrath appeased. It wasn't exactly a close friendship, more of one born out of obligation. They spent the next while in mutual grooming before finally the rabbit disappeared, banished by the Grim's power. Mouse watched from the balcony above, curious about the visitor and her relationship to Grim but saying nothing.
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Mouse sat at the top of the stairs sobbing quietly and leaning her head against the wall. The Grimalkyn sat beside her, small as she had been when the rabbit had visited, sitting with her tail curled around her paws. "Well, it seems I've botched things up pretty good," Grim spoke.

Mouse paused in her sobs to lay her one and only accusation at the cat, "You drink too much!" She dared to glower at the now much less threatening feline.

Grim turned her head to peer at the girl, "But...I was promised all the pleasures I could savor in a mortal form. How was I suppose to know you're a clumsy drunk or that punishment for such would be so severe?"

Mouse seemed mollified by the response and went back to sobbing. Grim added to the end, "Wish I'd seen the look on that snake-whore's face though. I'd have laughed hard." Grim flicks her tail and purrs with merriment. Mouse pauses her crying to stare at Grim in shock...but then slowly ...she sees the humor, grinning at first until she giggled softly. Seeing the girl laugh, the cat turns and steps up on her lap, rubbing her head against the girl's chin, "It's alright, my dear. I'll never tell them you laughed. Tell me...what did she look like?"

"Grim? or Mouse?" The voice of Kyceria sounded from far away.

Mouse petted the Grim's fur a moment then whispered, "I can't face her. Please go."

"I don't think she likes me. Her totem doesn't much like my methods...even if I did get results." Grim huffs softly.

Mouse sighs deeply and scritches the cat's ear. "I just....can't face her in my shame, especially since...he offered her an alternative and she...found me unworthy of it." The cat flicks an ear and then pads down the stairs to the door, stepping out.


After a few minutes, the Grimalkyn returns, padding up the stairs to Mouse, hopping up into her lap and cuddling against her, not surprised to find her sobbing again. "I would have bargained for you, Mouse. I would have taken the Elephant King's cock to bargain for you." Mouse pets and scritches the cat affectionately as she sniffles, just listening. "Hell, I have once already. The night I was bound to you." Mouse nods, remembering.

Grim looks up at the girl, rising to rub her head against the girl's chin again, headbutting her and then rubbing her jowls on her. "You have value to me."

Mouse whispered, "I just hope he doesn't wait long to do it. The longer he waits, the worse it is." She hugs the cat gently, needing and accepting her comfort.

Grimalkyn lays back on the bed, stuffing the tear soaked pillow under her head, pulling the light blanket over her form the way Mouse likes it and then closes her eyes.

Mouse sleeps on the top of the stairs in the exact same pose, except the tabby cat is hugged in her arms like a teddy bear. Grimalkyn purrs, closing her eyes and sleeping as well. A blanket appears over the pair.
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Mouse stood at the top of the stairs peering down at the cabin's main floor. She held perfectly still and listened...but heard nothing. Slowly she began to descend the stairs, and they creaked softly with each step. In fear, she stopped and listened again....and heard nothing. "I'm coming down now," she called out, waiting to hear an objection....nothing. "If you are just waiting to pounce me....well I guess you can to that whether I like it or not. So, here goes." Mouse descended the stairs quickly and landed with a bit of a jump on the wooden floor of the cabin with her bare feet. Catching her balance, she then stood still, arms up in defense and waited for the pounce she was certain would come. There was nothing.

Mouse furrowed her brow. "I know you're here." Still nothing. Mouse darted her eyes around in the darkness. Feeling her way to the hearth, she added more wood to the fire and stirred the ashes to inspire more flame. After a couple minutes, the hearth fire lit up the room a bit. Mouse fashioned a torch and began to search the small cabin. It wasn't until she descended into the cellar, the place the Grimalkyn always seemed to go, that Mouse finally found her.

The tabby cat was large again, bigger than a horse, filling the tiny cellar with almost her entire bulk. Like a small cat stuffed into a tissue box, the Grimalkyn had stuffed herself into the cellar, and the torchlight now lit up her enormous face. Large eyes with slitted pupils glared almost cross-eyed at the Mouse before she hissed and extinguished the torch with her breath.

Mouse screamed at the hiss, and the loss of light sent her into a panic and had her scrambling back up the cellar steps. Yet, at the top, something dawned on her. She turned and called down the stairs. "Are you hiding?"

Grimalkyn growled deep in her throat as she replied, "Come on back down here and find out if you dare, little Mouse."

Mouse dared to come back down half way on the steps before sitting down to peer at the large feline in the darkness, seeing the reflective disks of her eyes. "Why are you hiding?"

There was a pause before the cat huffed, "I'm not hiding. I just want to be alone."

Mouse blinks softly, contemplating. "I felt you....while he punished me. You felt it too, didn't you." Mouse was looking for someone to share in the pain with. She couldn't know how different the experience had been for the Grimalkyn.

The cat growled, "Punishment? Is that what you call it? Tell me, Mouse..why were you convulsing with orgasm by the end if it was punishment? Don't even think to compare your worthless, low beast, whoring ass to me! I am a Totem! I am the Pack's representative of our Beast Lord! You are the worst kind of low beast, a house bred pet to your own species! Get back up to your balcony before I REALLY punish you!"

The Mouse heard the rage in the cat's voice and did not stick around to see if she was bluffing. Tiny bare feet moved swiftly across the wooden floor and up the stairs to her balcony of sanctuary where the cat left her be. It had been an understanding between them that the balcony belonged to Mouse, and now it was established that the cellar belonged to the Grim. Mouse would likely never go down there again, but she called out softly. "I'm sorry he hurt you." There was no answer.
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