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TL;DR House Blackstone consists of Lord Joseph Blackstone and those who follow him. A noble leader betrayed by his Duke, his wife was taken and exiled. Joseph marched on the Duke with his own private army, the Emerald Shields, but was defeated and exiled as well. He and his surviving Emerald Shields search the lands for his wife, aiding those in need and dispatching any who stand in their way.

Blackstone is a family of gamers who remain united across a variety of games. From pen and paper RPG’s, to Shooters or MMO’s, our primary goal is to have as much fun as possible. Starting in the year 2000, the group has slowly developed over time, gathering more core members but remaining rather small. The group has fluctuated over the years, having as many as eighty to one hundred and fifty active members in any particular title, but generally floating around 10 to 20 across the board.

The history of House Blackstone
Many members of the family are active roleplayers, and prefer games such as CE so that they may develop their character’s personality and biography. Blackstone has existed as a family in several RPGs, originating in World of Warcraft, Emerald Dream. In most cases, House Blackstone exists as a noble family who gained their fortune through the mining of Coal, hence their name. We typically play a young family, having only two or three generations behind us. In Conan Exiles, my character will be the grandson of the first person to carry the Blackstone surname.

Kendal, the first of his name, was one of many miners in a remote location. Over time, he gained the repute of being a great fighter, and he was often tasked with warding off raiders and beasts of the forest. When the first Count arrived and attempted to claim and tax the settlers of this land, Kendal rebelled against him. Afterwards, Kendal was granted ownership of the land by the local settlers, and asked to protect them against any future taxation attempts. At that point he was given the family name of Blackstone, and began focusing all of his time on preparing for combat and warfare. He married a talented smith who learned to make weapons and armor from the ores in their land.

Together, Kendal and Rosalee Blackstone gave birth to a son, Spencer. As Spencer grew, he was taught to pursue knowledge and skill. He learned how to fight, and what to fight for. When he was old enough, he left his home with a small entourage in the pursuit of more knowledge. They travelled the world, entering more civilized lands and absorbing any information they could. They learned to read and write. They learned about different crops and farming equipment. They studied the buildings and the tools that were used across many cultures. They spent some time observing knights and soldiers, and even had the opportunity to train under an experienced weapon master. They brought this knowledge home, and the Blackstone family flourished.

When Kendal passed away, Spencer marked his grave with a seed he had collected during his travels. It grew into a great tree, with leaves that sparkled like emeralds. Spencer made the Emerald Tree his family crest. After Kendal’s death, Spencer had the opportunity to change the way things worked among the local tribes. The area slowly developed into a civilized land, and he began the creation of the Emerald Shields, a small military force. He began capturing bandits instead of killing them, and using everything he learned to break them down and convert them into obedient fighters, making up the bulk of the Emerald Shields. The result was a vicious fighting force that had to be kept on a short leash.

Spencer also streamlined the mining process. He developed advanced tools and equipment, allowing faster and more efficient production. He also implemented safer methods for underground mining, allowing the miners travel deeper into the earth while taking fewer risks. This led to wealth for the Blackstone family, and in turn, better living conditions for the surrounding settlers.

Conan begins with Spencer’s son, Joseph Blackstone. Raised to be wise and honorable; he strives to be like his father. After Spencer passed away, Joseph continued to study, advance his people’s technology, and act as a protector to the lands surrounding his home. This lead to many battles against invading groups. Eventually, a Duke noticed the ferocity of the Emerald Shields, and sought them out to act as a Barony. The arrangement allowed Joseph access to even more information and technology, and he was able to provide a better life for his people.

As time went on, Joseph and his Emerald Shields spent most of their time on the battlefield. It turned them into hardened warriors. Joseph married a beautiful hunter by the name of Rhea Setsor, and was looking forward to starting a family of his own. Joseph’s life took an abrupt turn when the Duke demanded his right of the first night. Rhea aggressively declined, and was thrown into exile.

Joseph swore he would take revenge and have his wife returned to him. He and the Emerald Shields marched against the Duke, but were vastly outnumbered. The few survivors were banished to the exiled lands. They spent years in search of Rhea, but were unable to find any sign of her. Over time, most of Joseph’s followers were killed, or chose to abandon the search. With bloody knuckles and blistered feet, he continues.

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