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Name: Ylva Olæifdottir, daughter of Olæif HrafnvartrssonAppearance:Race: VanirAge: 21Personality Profile:Personality: She is very unforgiving to those and speak out against her, and over protective of her sister Bryelle. She speaks very little in ...
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(( For anyone interested, the prequel to this story, can be found HERE ))Kyceria gathered herself, and cautiously stepped through the portal door.She had been curious about this thing, ever since they had discovered it. Apparently, it was an entr...
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Cat & Mouse

"So," the giant gray tabby spoke as it prowled through the small cabin, "you have been named Mouse. Are you to be my prey then?" The monstrous feline followed up the taunt with a snickering of laughter and a rumbling purr."You can't hurt me in her...
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The Exiled Life & Death of an Aesir Fang (Frederick) {NSFW: GRUESOME VIOLENCE}

Frederick, who's true name was FriÐÞjÓfr, stood in his room, admiring all his trophies. The skulls of men he'd slain, the weapons and gear he'd taken as a reward for work and as payment. Even his prized possession, a King Rock Demon head mounted ...
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Prologue OF NoteNote stared off in life as a baby born of a Zamorian Woman, and a Man who he never met but apparently worked very hard to support him and his mother.Note lived his life within wealth from his apparent Father that was never around a...
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Mundi's first few nights (NSFW: Sexual Content)

It had been but a short while since Mundi had been cast to these lands. Fleeing from death on one hand and slavery on the other, it had seemed like the reasonable choice. The red haired Vanir soon found that the manual labour he had wished to avoi...
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Zoria of Vendhya (NSFW)

Chapter 1 – A Cold AwakeningBefore anything else she felt the cold. This wasn’t the gentle breeze from the balcony of her father’s manor. It was an icy cold, painful in its intensity. Zoria’s eyes snapped open in a panic, she couldn’t move and she...
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The Cobra, Witch of Baal

Exiled by those in her native land of Stygia for practicing a new religion to a new god, Cobra found herself hanging on a cross. This was a familiar sight, because she helped exile thousands of people on crosses herself. That was during the years ...
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Kauket. Lessons.

Author's Note: Most information derived from the Conan: Stygia, The Serpent of the South tabletop roleplay compendium. Link provided. Interpretations of text are mine, and subjective as they pertain to my character. Lesson OneException As the say...
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Atali Bloodbane

Queen Atali sat on the dusty stone blocks perched high above the shallow river that carved its way through rock and sand. A heavy sigh weighed on her chest as she surveyed her new domain. There were trees here, stunts of growth undeserving of the ...
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The young woman woke up, her eyes fluttering from the coarse sunlight beating down on her. Soon after she felt the warm arid wind and the sand along her naked body. It took a few minutes for her mind to catch up to her current situation. She ha...
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MacDen the Aesir

N'Gora paused kneeling  at the broken cross before him and smiled , newcomer ... . he glanced around and saw where the newcomer  had fallen, His smile grew as he could see the tell tail marks of the new comers struggles , the way they staggered an...
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PrologueThe ones he was forsaken with from Zingara were no more. The many years the grizzled mercenary drillmaster spent in service seemed all for nought at this point. The one land that he called home set themselves against his company, cast out...
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Slowly, the young blond woman climbed the stairs as they wound around. Iron shackles on wrists and ankles, a matching collar around her throat, clad in nothing else but a small burlap skirt, Rana carried nothing with her despite being told to brin...
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Judha stood from atop the tower overlooking the Ludus. For moons, too numerous to count, the men had labored building each structure brick by brick. Judha thought of the men who some, had given their life to build the Ludus, but he felt little rem...
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Journal Entry: RebornMemories of life as a queen tended to by slaves to attend my every whim. That is what haunts my dreams, beckoning my return to a pampered and pleasurable life. Yet, that queen is dead now, killed by the Brigands that hunted he...
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Teval Taynas

Teval was a member of a honor guard for Nemedian noblemen personal guard. When Tevals nobleman got into a feud with another Nemedian noblemen it led to almost a all out civil war among the nobles in the city. Armies loyal to the enemies of Tevals...
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Ludk the Blackshield

In a holdfast high amidst the Eiglophian peaks of Vanaheim, a Vanir Skald begin's his tale dressed in ring mail enameled with a rainbow of colors, bright streamers of silk tied at his elbows. An Aesir thrall with a drum beneath her arm dances in s...
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[NSFW] Gor the Pit Fighter

Please note, I am not 100%, or even 10% familiar with the lore of the Conan universe. If there are story conflicts in the background, please notify me. I will promptly made edits to avoid conflicts.This was also written all in one go. I will be re...
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The sweat dripped down her face, leaving a salty taste on her lips. She trudged through the sand and stared up at the sky. The sun glared balefully down at her. The memories teased at her, tugged at her mind and tried to distract from the very nec...
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