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Den of Darkness No More - End of the Winterwolves

We are villains, wicked and often cruel. We are cultists of the Nordic demon-god known as the Winterwolf (A.K.A. Fenrir/Fenris, tho we never name him as such IC). The Den of Darkness is the lair of the cult who consider themselves the Pack of the ...
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The Wild Horde (NSFW)

The wrath of the gods has spoken. Change is coming.. and the Wild Horde is unleashed. IntroductionThe Wild Horde clan is reverting back to its roots and original intent. To pose a threat to the server population and continue the storyline set out ...
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Hjartakostr [Dormant/deceased]

Note: Recruitment for Hjartakostr is temporarily closed. However, we would still love to welcome visitors to our fair village! Check out the map below and come say hello!Who We Are:Formerly known as Cromheim, we welcomed only Cimmerians and Nordhe...
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About SaoirseSaoirse is a village-oriented clan for all those who want to be part of a small village community. Whether as a craftsman offering up your wares for trade, as a member of the village militia, or the village drunk even, the village has...
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Temple of Derketo

Derketo, the 'Whore of Set', is a goddess of lust, fertility, and a guardian over children.It was by her command that Temples be erected (x3) across the world by her Priestesses, Sorceresses, and Worshipers...Years ago; two women were sent out to ...
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Four Winds Artisan Guild

Kubilai the Hyrkanian seeks skilled artisans for a bold experiment: Beautify the Exiled Lands while defying those who would oppress us!After much exploration, I have discovered a plateau, unclaimed by any, protected from the privations of vicious ...
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Cromheim Will Rise

Cromheim is now known as Hjartakostr. Check out our new thread! The Battle of Dark Mountain brought fire, death, and misery. Though the keep and city lie in ruins and the King has vanished, t...
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Welcome to the City of Uresh (INACTIVE)

Welcome, traveler, to the City of Uresh!Here you will find no great halls where songs of mighty deeds are sung. You will find no palatial estates where high lords and ladies hold court over fawning crowds. There are no grand balls where the well t...
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The Order of Adessia

The Order of AdessiaConan Exiles Clan (Bones of Acheron)Adessia Website "Strength lies in unity"Clan Theme: Aquilonian Knights / SettlersCulture: Aquilonian (Poitainian) Primary God: Mitra Location: New Adessia (south-west, where the main river g...
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The Thousand Maws (Inactive for the moment)

"The Thousand Maws, A clan born from the union of Frejya and Kargorath, serving as Slavers and raiders, their purpose, simple - Subjugate any who oppose them through force or other means, their will shall not be denied and their hunger will always...
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Blood of Edom

Hundreds of years ago, the Edomites comprised part of the Acheronian empire, ruling from their mighty city Yb, until the city was struck down by Volanthis for the Edomites’ pride. All believed them destroyed.But in recent years, rumors once again ...
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Skullsplitters [Mercenaries]

An old and renowned mercenary band, the Skullsplitters have long traveled Hyboria while taking on various contracts. Their ranks filled with people of all sorts, from hyrkanian former nobles to the most savage of picts. Chapters of this band sp...
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The Silver Cup

While there are no known indications of this, a modest mercantile outfit has settled in the southwest, its robust dwelling not withheld by walls or barred by archers. Indifferent to power, they do not impose themselves upon others and demand no to...
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The Wild Stalkers

We are two who live off the river, a huntress and her friend. We are friendly to others if they are friendly to us. However, anyone who acts aggressively towards us or threatens us, should know we will defend ourselves.
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Infernum is a group of Nordheimers and Cimmerians, who band together for the sole purpose of survival in a foreign wasteland. Due to the horrible heat, and sand. It is basically hell. Hoping to form a family between friends and alliances of the la...
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Neutral Chaos

Neutral Chaos, total anarchy, where the wild untamed ones dwell, searching for individual purposes as well as protecting their own peoples, all free men and women, who's ruthless maniac warlord protects the village from atop a keep, allowing them ...
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Twelve Leagues - Exiled Pirates (disbanded)

Twelve Leagues "When we first arrived we were men condemned to death in the Exiled Lands. Left to hang on a cross, stripped of all we had. Most died in agony. Burnt and cooked by the sun and desert. Thirst and hunger drove us forward. Some turned ...
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The Bloodline of Degovia [Antagonist Faction]

Nailed to the wall of random structures as well as littered amongst the exiled lands due to sandstorms, held various scrolls with a few words etched into it's cloth, "Those familiar with Aquilonian traditions of whip upon flesh and seek such commo...
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Clan Gorak/Heiður Hold (Updated)

The Slandered Name------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Clan Gorak. His fathers dream made reality t...
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Cromheim -The Barbarian City

To their enemies, they are savage, brutal opponents. To their friends, more hospitable hosts are hard to come across.The Cimmerians and Nordheimers, serving Cromheim's Barbarian King, take up arms against many a foe in the endless deserts. With e...
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