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Silwynn's hunt for the Truth.

by Silwynn Bloodbane on May 26, 2017 at 11:46 AM}
I stumbled across a journal left by another Exile by the name of Razma. In my search for the Truth about these Lands I will follow the bread crumb trail left by this exiled princess. Perhaps she has uncovered secrets I have yet to discover. In the mean while, I continue my search for the ghosts that I have encountered in the wastes. I am determined to find answers to what this prison is and how to escape it!


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As I explored the landmarks of this Land, I made camp behind one of "The Sentinels". When the sun rose the following morning I was surprised to find that I had unknowingly followed in the Princess's footsteps. For there, on the very ledge where I had spent the night, was an old campsite with another journal. May Mitra bless my path and show me the way out of here!

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