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First off, I have to confess my name isn't really Caylynn. That was my great grandmother's name ... unfortunately, my parents didn't ask my opinion in the womb about names. I would've chosen Caylynn in a heart-beat! But this is online, right, and I can be a Caylynn if I want to! And I want to!

About me: I tend to be a pretty private person, so don't expect me to spill my life's story here! I will share that all this RPing and gaming stuff is my brothers' fault, and my dad's too. Back when I was little, dad would read a chapter of Lord of the Rings to us all at bedtime every night. So from that, grew a literary love of fantasy fiction.

A bunch of years later, my brothers -- who were heavily into D&D -- insisted I go along with them to one of their Saturday "game days" because they needed a girl! It was a dark and stormy night ... (apologies to Emily Bronte and literary critics!), well not really, but I did go. Reluctantly. At first. After a while being a bad-azz spell and bow wielding elf got to be fun. Even the group's all-macho half-orc appreciated her after a while. That is, after he got unsorceled from being a frog... Anyway, that's where it began for me, I guess -- RP, I mean. I was about 14 then and didn't know a lot about addictions.

Along the way, the PC came along and eventually computer games. RPG-type games. I got addicted to those too, especially the early D&D ones (which I liberally stole from my brothers when they got tired of them). Eye of the Beholder, Pool of Radiance ... you remember those, right? Or am I now getting to be that old? lol

Some more years went by. I got stationed overseas and, needing a way to maintain my sanity (or what passes for it!), discovered MMOs. Star Wars Galaxies and Everquest II at first. More followed, some that I liked, many that I didn't. My semi-addiction became a full-fledged addiction. Why? Because in fantasy and RP I can escape at times from life's frequently oppressive weight. There's been a lot of "weighty" times to escape from and fuel my addiction.

So, that brings me to Champions Online. I never was a huge comic book super hero fan. My brothers were, off and on and would argue the merits of DC super heroes vs. Marvel ones. I would give them one of my "boy, do you need a life!" kind of looks and go off and do something meaningful ... like daydream about the hunky guy that sat next to me in biology in my junior year.

I know, I'm rambling. Mostly because I promised to write something, but haven't a clue what to write.

Oh, right ... Champions Online. It happened to pop up in Steam one day. It was F2P. I was in a game-playing lull. Veni, Vidi, Vici.