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Joining Bones of Acheron
Welcome to Bones of Acheron!

We're very pleased you're interested in joining us. Why join Bones of Acheron? Here's a few reasons:

Population! Though we are an EU based server, you'll find a good mix of EU and US players with us. Our Discord is always active. Want RP? You'll find it here.

Helpful admins! A group of several admins who come to assist with even the smaller little bugs. Those discovered to be abusing their powers are dealt with.

Take a look at our forums, events, and players. When you're ready to join, simply click "Apply" in the upper right corner. You'll be asked to sign in with your Shivtr account (or create one). Then, just fill out our quick application, and as soon as you are approved you'll have access to our Discord and our server!

Welcome to Bones of Acheron!